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Thanks for dropping in! Let me tell you a little about myself.  I'm Michaela Dotsch, a marketing coordinator, graphic designer, editor, and entrepreneur. I love taking client's needs, ideas, and problems, and moving them through to finished products and solutions that work.


I've been working in communications and marketing coordination most of my career, and the majority of that with non-profits.


When I'm not designing and coordinating, my husband and I love hiking, camping, kayaking, and anything that gets us outside. Tennessee is the place to be!


Michaela's work is done with excellence and great care. She is who we turn to for copy editing, updating our website, creating visually appealing resources, and any other marketing needs. She has helped our new organization gain the trust of the groups we work with, and distribute high-quality marketing material both online and in print, which has, in turn, made a difference in the perception of professionality others have about this non-profit. That is invaluable and is one of many reasons we give Michaela our highest recommendation to others.

– Whitney Winston | Director, Camp in the Community

I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful work that you did for CRM. I really appreciate you being willing to share your gifts and I look forward to hopefully many more commissioned works.

– Mary Thompson | Director, Camp and Retreat Ministry of the Methodist Church

Passion is a fuel that can burn out quickly, but Michaela’s is something you can depend on. She is steadfast in her work, eager to learn new skills and communicate her message more effectively each day. Her organized but easygoing work style is a gift to her co-workers, bringing harmony to the team during even the most difficult projects. She will be a strong asset wherever she goes.

– Bethany DuVal | Senior Copywriter, The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM)

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